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Wolf-Rook are exclusively represented by Galleri Kvarnplan.

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Aktuella verk finns HÄR

Wojtek Wolf-Rukujżo
Wojtek Wolf-RukujżoPainter
Wojtek works with oils on canvas. Uses the language of academic realism with just enough exspression between brush strokes to make his stories as clear as possible.
He believes that an artist capable of gathering an audience has a duty to spread etical/moral message. ”Art with no intelectual value is nothing but decor”.

In the migrant series – different stages of the migrant journey are illustrated pointing out that migrant can come from any background. He uses fashion models instead of real people involved to make it easier for us to identify and sympathize with their stories, the same way we are supposed to imagine ourselves in the clothes advertised by models).

Wojtek is also available for portraits.

Wojtek selected works

Agata Wolf-Rukujżo
Agata Wolf-RukujżoPainter
Agata with watercolour, ink, charcoal and other media on paper. She finds universal shape or simple subject and studies it thoroughly. By repeating variations of the same object tries to find the essence of it. Sometimes it’s the whole form, sometimes only colour or just an outline. With her minimalistic aproach and very strong lines she finds it suprising how little it takes at times for the idea to get through.

Agata selected works